Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

Drain Maintenance

Drain cleaning is not a pleasant task, but a necessity if you want to keep your drains running clear.  Set up a regular schedule to flush your sink drains.  Monthly flushing should be sufficient, depending on your type of cooking.  If you cook with a lot of oil more frequent flushing is recommended.  Avoid using strong chemicals to clean your drains.  Chemicals are hazardous to wetlands, wildlife, water quality, and can be hazardous to people.  Hot water and 1/2 cup of baking soda can help deodorize the drain.  The hot water will help remove any built up grease in the drain pipe and P trap.  If the drain starts running slow and flushing with hot water does not help, remove the P trap and clean it out as described in a previous article.drain cleaning

Your local hardware or home improvement center can help you with selecting a product to put down your drain to help clear it.  Most of these chemicals can be caustic and may not be compatible with your drains (depending on age).  There are also products to help you maintain your drains.  Some are put down the drain monthly to help clear out the grease, etc.