In times of loss, many families do not have the financial means to afford a burial. The Archdiocese of Denver provides the services for stillbirths and miscarriages once per month and typically multiple burials are done at the same time. This works well. However, there is one glaring need – the casket. Before the Angel Bed project, the “casket” was a container which is similar in appearance to a cooler. 

This is where “The Angel Bed Project” comes in. The goal is to provide, at no charge, proper caskets, or Angel Beds as we prefer to call them, to those in need and give those families the dignity that they deserve. I have been involved in the angel bed project since the start of the project. You are provided the wood, hardware, paint, and the plans to build the Angel Beds. Archdiocese of Denver Precious Lives

The Angel Bed Project is a ministry of St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Parish in Littleton, CO. Click the link below for contact information.

Download Plans here 2-bed plans

2-bed cutlist

Hinge Jig template

Handle Jig template

Cross Plans

For a video of the construction process, click the YouTube link below.

Angel Bed Construction Process

Small crosses are also provided to each family. For a video of the construction process for the crosses, click the YouTube link below.