What is a DIY Coach? 

A DIY Coach is an alternative to hiring out your home renovation, home improvement, repairs, or DIY projects. DIY coaching assists you in doing something you have never tried or do not have confidence in doing.  Simply understanding the language of construction, hardware and building centers can be intimidating to many people.  Ever wonder how to operate power tools, or how to determine the correct screw or nail for the job?  Have you ever felt frustrated or confused when you wanted to build, renovate, or repair something and then either gave up trying to do it yourself or hired someone to do it for you?  Our DIY Coach can provide the technical advice and support you need to do it yourself (DIY). 


I’ll talk with you about your specific situation, share my experiences and provide guidance to help you identify a starting point. 

What you Get

15-minute FREE interview to determine your needs and if I can help you.  The coach will research your situation and follow up our meeting in writing (email) of the conversation and resources you can use on your own.  Then, if you decide you want more assistance, the average fee is a $25 hourly rate depending on the size and complexity of your project.

1-Hour DIY Coaching Session:  One-hour phone or in-person on site conversation on pre-determined subject matter:  

2-Hour DIY Coaching package: A two-hour consultation provides one hour of on-site project evaluation and one hour of behind the scenes times, or 2-hours of on-site time:  

If you want to book at time please message me at rasplitt@gmail.com .

**If you are trying to identify a project(s), or would like more exploration, try the 15-minute free interview.  If you feel you need more after that, a one-hour consultation can buy you some options: 

  • An hour of in-depth phone or in-person conversation exploring your DIY potential
  • Orientation to the hardware store, lumber yard or Building Center
  • Advisory session to assemble a tool kit tailored to your needs
  • An hour session focused on helping you formulate clear questions to get the answers you need from hardware and building suppliers.
  • An hour tutorial on power tool safety and operation (client is responsible for providing all tools)​

***A waiver may be needed and signed by the client before any consultation.

Click here for some projects you could do.

Here are some ideas I can help you with:

  • Replace porch decking
  • Trim an interior door or window
  • Install baseboards
  • Install wall or floor tile
  • Install wood flooring
  • Guidance on purchasing power tools
  • Ask questions that get answers at the lumberyard
  • Install/repair siding and trim
  • Check/repair roofing
  • Install a window
  • Repair gutter
  • Build a workbench
  • Replace/install a door
  • Typical exterior home maintenance tasks (caulking, painting, general repairs)
  • Replace an electrical switch or outlet
  • Replace a plumbing drain below the sink
  • Replace your garbage disposal
  • Repair a leaky faucet
  • Help assemble or create a list of your basic tool(s) needed for the project
  • Learn to safely operate power tools